Cyber Risk

All companies are at risk

  • Cyber risk is no longer thought of as an emerging risk, but its rapidly changing nature still confounds many.
  • Even as recently as a few years ago, criminals were aiming mainly at financial gain by stealing personal and company data, but now groups with extremist views are breaching companies' computer systems using more and more advanced techniques with the aim to damage the reputation of companies
    and governments.
  • Damage to companies often occurs through the dissemination of the stolen confidential information following an attach.
  • The motives and scale of such attacks has rapidly developed and so has their impact, creating additional layers of new, interconnected risks.
  • It is often difficult for companies to qualify their risk or exposure and a discussion of vulnerabilities in terms of confidential data, reputation and the company's computer infrastructure is vital to seeking the most suitable cover.

Talk with Cyber Risk insurance experts

Contact our London team to discuss cover for your company's cyber risk:

How we assist with protecting against Cyber Risk

We offer our services to assist customers in reviewing their cyber security procedures and to consider their options in terms of insurance cover.

This will involve a discussion regarding the scale of their computer and network infrastructure, which may at first blush seem like a small part of the company's business, but increasingly the software and computer elements are incredibly vital to the company's operations. The impact of potential disruption or data theft cannot be understated.

Wide-ranging and extensive insurance cover

CSInsurance can structure cover for a range of Cyber risks, including:

  • Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks 
  • Variety of types of hacking, including social engineering and software security defects
  • Advertising
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Internet fraud
  • Full range of internet services
  • Websites
  • Trojans, viruses, spyware & ransomware
  • Disclosure of sensitive or confidential information and consequential reputational damage
  • Online e-commerce stores
  • Intellectual property